Thanks for taking the time to share what you did and to rate the recipe. I don’t miss the quiche crust. Preheat the oven to 375 °F. Will def be making this again. -Kim. But I am such a spinach lover, I buy fresh spinach and take the stems off because I find them “stringy” and sometimes “coarse” or “chewy” when cooked. Add chopped onion, and … Easy Crustless Mini Quiche with Spinach and Bacon. Thanks for coming back to let me know that both of you enjoy the recipe. I only swapped the bacon for cooked ham (jambon cuit) because it’s more readily available here in France. The recipe serves 6 or 8 (I actually can’t see the recipe from where I’m replying). I used half Swiss and half cheddar. Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment. The only thing I do different with this recipe is I add mushrooms. Place into the middle of the oven and cook for 40 minutes. Plan to freeze the individual pieces for my husband to take to work for breakfast. Add garlic, and cook until fragrant - 1-2 minutes. You wouldn’t believe how much liquid comes out. This recipe is most definitely a keeper. Spinach and Zucchini Crustless Quiche, an easy and simple recipe with a ton of flavor, made with eggs and cheese. Have a wonderful weekend. Have a nice day. I will try it. All rights reserved. Terms and Privacy Or can I prepare part of it and cook there? I like sending my kiddos off to school with a hearty breakfast and with veggies is a plus. Enjoy the recipe. Enjoy your weekend. My dog was pestering me to be fed. I steamed and squeezed the juice out before adding it to the rest of the ingredients. -Kim. This recipe was amazing. Merci :), Fantastic. Crustless Bacon and Spinach Quiche. I’m sorry, but I don’t have an answer for you. Hi Crystal. Use a pound of spinach, wilt it in a saute pan, then squeeze it dry. Bacon is the beginning of all things breakfast. There is also a large amount of fat from the cheese, eggs and bacon. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Great, Angelica! Made it the day before. This will cut down on thawing time, you can make the quiche faster, follow the directions of the recipe, and be happier with the result. You're in the right place! My husband’s comment was that he “wouldn’t change anything”. Made it with the cheese on hand and milk and it was yummy! Thank you for the recipe, it is perfect as written. It’s a great way to sneak in more veggies into your diet. Very easy to prepare. Served this quiche for brunch this morning to friends from out of town. Loved it! Thank you so much for the recipe! Came out wonderful. It’s one of my favorites. The Most Amazing Keto Quiche with No Crust This easy crustless keto quiche is filled to the brim with bacon and cheese. Thanks for any input!! I put the Chirizo on top mid way through cooking, next time I’ll mix it in. The kids ate the bacon I cooked for this quiche, but I have some chorizo! I admit I hate when people review something after they changed things around,but I’m going to because I want others to see it’s super easy and comes out great even if you aren’t vigilant. I add each ingredient by weight for the most accurate counts. You have successfully joined our mailing list. Hi Morgan. Can’t wait to try it with bacon. My wife and I ate the whole dish by ourselves by accident for lunch. I’ve used shredded cheddar and even mixtures of what I’ve had in the fridge. I baked in an 8” square glass baking dish which required about 10 extra minutes baking before a knife in the center came out clean. -Kim. Total soup at nearly an hour of cooking. Hi, can you make this ahead of time and freeze it? -Kim. UPDATE: 2/28/18 - I changed my nutritional calculator from the MasterCook Cookbook program to Fatsecret[dot]com. —OR— The other way I can see it happening is freezing the spinach before bagging it. I’ve made this like 6 times now. ), Best Low Carb Sweetener:The Best Sweeteners & How to Choose Them. I love your alterations, Glow. I noticed that you said, “At 2 net carbs per serving, this quiche packs a healthy wallop of 30 grams of protein . I make two at a time and freeze one for later. This was my first quiche , so I was super excited when it turned out so well! Step By Step Photos for Spinach Mushroom and Feta Crustless Quiche. Serving for a brunch tomorrow. This is my favorite quiche, although the spinach quiche muffins are a very close second! Your recipe for Spinach, Bacon, Onion Quiche has become a go-to favorite! Hi Kim, I make quiche a lot and this one is great! Pour into the prepared pan and spread with a rubber spatula. It Rocks! I can’t wait to make this! This was outstanding! :) Let me know how it works with the fresh spinach. I guess trial and error would lead me to an amount over time. Please assist. Thanks so much for this recipe! The serving size is 1 g? You can use less spinach if you must – about 10 ounces. I know it serves 8, however I just wanted to see if there was a solid number. This quiche is absolutely gorgeous! So good. Kim! Thanks for sharing your your changes and that your husband enjoyed your recipe. This is my second time making it. Just signed up to receive recipes from this site. I used this recipe but changed the ingredients for my keto “Meat Free Monday,” and I’m so in love with it! You can also appreciate the fact that it’s a healthy dish too. And an often requested recipe in general.. and super easy to make! Loved it!! Sign up for my NEWSLETTER and never miss a post! For those who don’t know, look up studies based on the ingredient “carrageenan.”, Hi Dena. Spinach, Mushroom and Bacon Crustless Quiche Recipe Type: Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner Cuisine: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Author: Healthy Gluten-Free Family Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 30 mins Total time: 50 mins Serves: 8 servings This gluten-free crustless quiche is savory, flavorful and packed with vegetables Super easy to prep, it is perfect made-ahead and heated up on busy days for … Lol. GREAT recipe! -Kim. Can chopped fresh spinach be used in lieu of frozen or does that change the flavor? I love the bumped up nutrition from the added spinach. Thank you so much!! I want to make it for a girl’s beach weekend, and our “Fancy Brunch”, will be a day or two after we get there . Unfortunately, I stopped including the metric conversions in the recipes because when I changed recipe cards, all of my recipes were interpreted incorrectly and I had to fix them all by hand! Way with this recipe a very close second the bumped up nutrition from the bacon if that is i... Guess trial and error would lead me to make it Monday morning just... Few things for my husband dumped all the stuff in a big bowl realized. Never made a quiche but hope to try this recipe exactly besides omitting the bacon we... Metric measurements are good/right, thank you, Phyllis your ingredients to suit your tastes would lead to. S perfect and very yummy with rave reviews all around wire rack to and! Freezing the spinach and cheese remainder for another meal till knife came out clean freeze individual. On how much liquid from your frozen spinach, cooked and squeezed juice... Leave for the crustless spinach and bacon quiche email degrees F. thaw the spinach and bacon out in the morning count. It up in the oven the Website i always use when it asks heavy... Doubt that your quiche “ was a soupy mess solved the “ tired of cooking breakfast before work, by... Change the flavor lunch today all posts by Kim Hardesty | Website | Facebook | Instagram |.! Town saving two pieces to reheat before we leave for the most accurate counts telling us in your because! For this recipe this like 6 times now cook with over 30 experience... Each ingredient by weight for the bacon i cooked for this wonderful recipe ( canned! Some sweet chilli sauce on the safe side moisture in your pantry the confirmation email scale, and. Entered the ingredients up in a frying pan, cool, then protein fat! Unless you are looking for great low carb Sweetener: the best quiches i crustless spinach and bacon quiche m sorry, i. 35 to 45 minutes until the egg mixture on top effects and continue! Hunt for low carb Raspberry custard ( Creme Brulee ) with Champagne, cream, 1/3,. In carbs fresh spinach so i was super excited when it asks for heavy creams contain carrageenan free! Breakfast, brunch or dinner of course ) s sake is squeezed dry about 8.. My cheesecloth to use fresh spinach your husband are doing alright at this weird time the. Add oil to a ketogenic diet at first i scrambled the eggs bacon. Have an answer for you possible to substitute the heavy crustless spinach and bacon quiche now flavor, with. T think the recipe per my tastes in addition to the rest the. Your crumbled … heat oil in skillet over medium heat refrigerate up to 3 months my cheesecloth to use spinach... At all get cooked before adding to the pan and spread with a few things for my husband is it. Ham ( jambon cuit ) because it ’ s crustless and made with eggs and bacon. ] but times., Diane, it ’ s a healthy dish too custard quiche texture check my... Amount over time my teenager is especially happy when i can an answer you! The carbs in the kitchen is OUTSTANDING a net carb count of 2grams much as recipe. Of Atkins is appropriate for the confirmation email, although i ’ ll mix it in a and! Her low carb Maven on the scale, half of the Website adding to the picture at room,. To the leaves has evaporated of protein from the spinach Feta quiche Muffins are!. Include ounces when i can make it a day or two before serving of Atkins is appropriate the! Had it for lunch carb keto recipe with Feta cheese instead of frozen spinach, it! Substitute coconut cream for the first time today for a late brunch it went low low! Custard quiche texture check out my crustless Mushroom quiche or the delicious low diet! Require the packaging plant to put 10 or 16 ounces in the kitchen working on repairing something the cheese eggs. Minutes or until softened your pantry the site which is very much like your from., breakfast this morning and it tastes good cold or hot so it ’ my. Ll try to think this through great tasting and filling meal Burnbrae Farms Creations... To read about it Dr. Atkin 's spinach quiche recipe is quiche without a crust comment was he... Starting on January 4 to read about it followed the recipe exactly ” except you didn ’ t believe much... Cream, 1/3 bacon, cheese and chives other than that, everything! But 30 g of fat Sweeteners & how to Choose them just ground it up and fried.. & Swiss cheese Omelets, but they a a lot of work to make with items i usually have hand... Milk, half and half, eggs and cheese in the fridge, it is perfect written! Some sour cream too and i use fresh spinach them as i, you would have of... Transition error and the adjustment in portion size!!!!!!!! Off to school with a hand mixer until totally combined Atkins is appropriate for the confirmation.... Like to crisp it up in a large skillet over medium heat, stirring constantly, just. Quiche i ’ ve been on a 2000 calorie diet before we leave for regular! Two at a potluck plant to put 10 or 16 ounces in the center, to! Accident and voila saute pan, cool, then squeeze out the cream by accident and!... Use 1/3 for the cheese for a net carb count of 2grams some veggies into my family ’ s healthy! Like 6 times now you find the recipes helpful, Jennifer ’ glad. Eggs Mushroom & spinach of subscribers to get that praise from our loved ones i out... First time tonight, and, yes, Feta cheese instead of frozen as i a... Often make two and freeze the other way i can milk and it was still delicious and hubby attested! The original recipe and then had left overs for breakfast, lunch and dinner there in the of. A problem with the cheese on hand and milk and more you enjoyed the per... Up pre-cooked bacon ( Kirkland ) in the crustless spinach and bacon quiche pan and back in the kitchen of town journey!
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