Share it with others! "ject" = throw; COMMON ROOT AND MUSCULOSKELETAL TERMS - Root Term; ject; Ject; Root Words FOR PCAT; Digestive System root words; Respiratory System root words; Prefixes and Root Words; What are Root words for the following Flashcards; root words for Pharmacy Technician The Latin word root ject means ‘throw.’ Many common words are ‘thrown’ about each day which use this root, including eject, reject, object, and projector. Only the ROOT, JOIN of the whole list can stand alone. For example: I can’t eject the CD! The word root ‘chron’ means time, and it came from the Greek word khronos ‘time’. Adjectively. 21. English. Looking for grammar? Many new words are formed by adding an affix to the beginning or end of a Latin or Greek root or root word. A root word has no prefix or suffix — it's the most basic part of a word. This week, we’d like to focus on the root word ject, which means “to throw.” A lot of common English words have their roots in the word ject, and if you think about what they mean, they usually have something to do with something being thrown in one way or another. Ject- Root Words. Wordlist for JECT root words Word List | The largest word list archive at Study your jet/ject words right here! An oddity about this ROOT is that it never stands alone, as other ROOTS do. Greek & Latin Roots: spec . 1 Write the words with the Latin root that means carry 2 Write the words with from LANGUAGE 101 at Parnassus Preparatory School. Write what it means . He always felt like he had to … Created. To throw out an idea. 7th Grade. What this unit includes: ~4 cute, colorful posters with meaning, picture and examples of each Latin ro Search for words that start with a letter or word: Unless anyone raises serious objections, today we are going to talk about the Latin root word ject which means ‘throw.’. Word list activities: ject words. 2.1k plays . Trajectory (n): the curved path along which something (such as a rocket) moves or is thrown through the air or through space, Interject (v): to throw in between or among other things, Conjecture (n): an opinion or idea formed (thrown together) without proof or sufficient evidence, Jet (n): an airplane powered (thrown in the air) by one or more jet engines, Jettison (v): to get rid of (something): to reject (something, such as a plan or idea), to throw out and idea, Eject (v): to throw out especially by physical force, authority, or influence, Dejected (v): sad because of failure, loss, or being thrown away (as in rejected or put aside). For example: Don’t look so dejected! ELLLauren. We’ve compiled a list of words with the root word ject, along with definitions from Merriam-Webster, to help you remember these words that are often “thrown about!”, Object (v): to oppose something firmly and usually with words or arguments, to throw your opposition to something, Project (v): to throw or cast forward, to put or set forth: present for consideration, to cause to jut out, Projectile (n): a body projected (thrown) by external force (energy) and continuing in motion by its own inertia; especially: a missile for a weapon (gun, etc.). Words Based on the Mort Root Word. 11 Letter words that contain ject. A short form of the word Projects; colloquially used to describe low-cost, Government subsidized housing. Total Cards. The word “insect” originated from sect because it is a creature “cut” into three parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. 1. Log in for more information. What does the root ject mean? Last time I went to the doctor, she gave me an injection of vitamin B12. Since much of the English language is derived from Latin and Greek, there may be times when the root of a word isn't immediately recognizable because of its origin. Words formed from any letters in ject, plus an optional blank or existing letter. Affixes and Root Words: Teacher’s Guide Use this sheet to check responses to the MAKE-A-WORD GAME CHART and the DEFINITION CHART. word. Interestingly, our word jet comes from ject as well, for a jet plane is ‘thrown’ through the air by its engines. School. Learn more on how we help for “Can someone help me, please?”. You’ll do better on your test next time. Review the list below, as well as a few examples of English words that are based on these roots. Many root words in the Romantic languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, and Portuguese) come from Latin, which is why many think it’s important to take Latin in school. Please :-). A root word is the main word that a series of words are based off of (founded on, built on). 4.2k plays . For example: She rejected his offer of marriage. Share them with us in the comments below! Latin Roots included are: -ped,-ject, -rupt,-struct,-port, -scrib/script, -form, -dict. Jets often follow trajectories, or the paths across which they are ‘thrown.’ Sometimes a jet, or more often a ship at sea, is forced to jettison unwanted baggage, thereby ‘throwing’ it overboard. 120 seconds . Root Words. Sometimes students would object to this, or ‘throw’ their thoughts against it. English (Check) The word root -vid-, from the Latin "videre," means "to see." Sign up for our blog or check out the website! throw. List all words starting with ject, words containing ject or words ending with ject. For example: What’s your favorite part of flying in a jet? 1. Looking for more phrases, ways to use English everyday, or get the conversation started? Personal Learning, For example: He jettisoned the idea after his boss complained about it. The Latin root word sect means “cut.” Today we will “cut” right to the chase with that section of English vocabulary derived from sect!. What other words? Ject root words. Interjected. Our best tips and tricks to speaking English fluently. Conjectured. Asked 67 days ago|10/20/2020 2:16:27 PM. Test Prep, One method of understanding the meanings of new words is to analyze the different parts of the word and the meanings of those parts. progress. You might have tried to reject this attempt by ‘throwing’ it back at the shot giver. Our root word worksheets exploit this strategy quite comprehensively to help children of grade 1 through grade 6, gain the most out of it. Fifteen ROOTS are … Subject. Do you remember when your classroom teacher used a projector, which ‘threw’ images up on a screen for a presentation? FOR EACH WORD: 1. It is entirely dependent on prefixes and suffixes to be meaningful. Privacy Policy. ShiaBaee. This project is a "Root Word Critter" with the roots ject, mal, min, and multi. Reject (v): to refuse to accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use. Conjecturer. genie. 1. videotape 2. evident A: 1. 6 letter words containing ject ob ject re ject in ject ab ject e ject a de ject e ject s ad ject If we don’t guess correctly, we might become dejected, that is, ‘thrown’ or cast down, thus becoming depressed or blue. For example: The boy threw the projectile in the middle of class to distract the teacher. Interjector. "ject" means throw. These are vocabulary words made from that root. Greek and Latin Roots . All words containing JECT are listed here. Question. The root word ject is used in a ton of English words: injection, project, dejected? Projector (n): a device for projecting a beam of light or throwing an image on the wall. Did you like this blog? 2. 26 terms. Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words that end with ject. media. Can you guess what it means? Tags: Question 12 . Let us know what YOU think! Amort: Lifeless, in the course of dying 2. root word ject, jet. 04/27/2009. 2. Click here to study/print these flashcards. Jectis also a word root meaning throw. Hence, insects have three segments or “cuttings.” SURVEY . Found 49 words that end in ject. Injectables. These ROOT-WORDS are JUNCT & JOIN which mean JOIN. This word list is a very fine illustration of the value of knowing the ROOTS to our language. All the twenty words are built up by the ROOTS which are joined together. Here's a list of synonyms for throw. yaubin. Do you remember as a child getting an injection at the doctor’s office, where a nurse would ‘throw’ medicine into your arm with a shot? Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. To throw or launch something in a given direction. Perhaps a pointed way to help remember this word is when you receive an injection, which is a shot ‘thrown’ into your body. multi-. A list of words that contain Root, and words with root in them.This page brings back any words that contain the word or letter you enter from a large scrabble dictionary. inter = between, among per = through: ob = against in = into: Root Words. When affixes are added to the beginning of roots or root words, they are called prefixes For example, the most common prefix is un-, … Learn about the words: ject words using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, spelling games, spelling tests and printable activities. across. This word conveys the meaning of the root as it refers to a magnetic . ... What is the part of speech for the jet/ject word as it is used in the sentence? Thus, all words with this word root revolve around time. -ject, jet words. Fun and creative for students to learn and use the Greek and Latin Root words. YOU. s. Score 1. Erin Duffin lives in Hamburg, is an English teacher, blogger, yoga instructor, and hopes the blog doesn’t leave you feeling dejected, but rather injected with motivation and ready to project your excitement for the root word ject on the world today! For example: I hate shots. For example: If you could all please turn your attention to the projector image on the screen, I’d like to show you some charts. The word ingredient Memlet, shown below, is one of many ways that a word is taught in Membean. abject, abjection, abjections, abjectly, abjectness, abjectnesses... See the full list of words here! under. Level. Main Menu; by School; ... Scholastic Teaching Resources 36 Word Study • Lesson 11 Latin Roots: pop, form, ject, nav, man Many words in … Verb. English root words and their meanings are commonly derived from Greek and Latin roots. Affixes. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play! Try Tricky Adjectives and Adverbs, when to use Which and That, Order of Adjectives, Its vs It’s, and Present Continuous tense! Prefixes. Fill in the blanks with the meaning of each word root. cut. You'll find that the roots listed below are from Greek or Latin and can't stand alone in English; they need something joined to them to make a whole word in English. nat = birth, born ject = to throw manu = hand radic = root: ... ject = to throw manu = hand radic = root: lud = to play liter = letter viv = life corpor = body: 1. You can view more similar questions or ask a new question. Often students feel subjected to too many presentations, being too often ‘thrown’ under their boring burdens. Home > Reading Comprehension > Word Parts > Ject. or get it for your 1. Inject (v): to introduce into something forcefully, to force a fluid into (as for medical purposes), to throw something into something. For example: “Excuse me,” she interjected. Copyright • Bespeaking • Phone / Fax: +49 (0)711 12262574 •, Online English Lessons -Speak English Fluently, Why You Could Use a Bespeaking Proofreader. Now you’ll never have to reject or make a wild conjecture about an unknown word that contains the root word ject, for it has been permanently ‘thrown’ into your awareness of word roots! Let’s look at the more contemporary word immortal that relates to things that cannot die and will last forever. 3. Terms of Service. What does trans mean in word transect? all about. To disconcert or cause to be confused. smart. Dejected : de JECT … Often scared children interject or ‘throw’ between the shot and their bare arms many cries of terror and alarm, hoping to interrupt the progress of the painful syringe! answer choices ... Greek Root Words . It’s stuck in my computer. See an example word page ». For example: Well, without any evidence to support your claims, this all just seems like conjecture. To throw! Dissect Words with Sect! For example: The politician objected to the changes in the proposed law. Draw a picture to go with it . List all words ending with ject sorted by length or by how common the words are. Acri: bitter (ac… Home » Flashcards » Ject root words. If you’ve ever studied a language, even briefly (for a short time), or participated (took part) in a Spelling Bee, it is very likely that you have encountered root words. I. Can you think of any other words with the root word ject? The root word at the heart of "conformity," for example, is "form." Knowing a lot of root words makes it easier to learn many language, including English, for example, the root word Err! Explain how each word that follows conveys the meaning of the root. 10.4k plays . Which of the following root words means to throw A. Toss- B. Ject- C. Ambi- D. Graph-Ject- is a root word which means to throw. For example: You can follow our flight’s trajectory on the screens in your seats. Other words derived from the Root Word Mort are: 1. Perhaps a pointed way to help remember this word is when you receive an injection, which is a shot ‘thrown’ into your body. All text and design are copyrighted ©2010-2020 Membean, Inc. All rights reserved. Square root 120 , n , Square root 3 . 10 Qs . Study Resources. Contexts . 18 Qs . In grammar, a word that is used to describe a noun or a pronoun by providing more information about that part of speech: Adjectives slightly change the meanings of other words by adding descriptions or by making them more specific. Instructions, example, and rubric are included. a. Flashcards. These ROOT-WORDS are JAC, JEC & JECT meaning THROW & LIE. Students will identify the meaning of 8 kid friendly Latin root words through fun and engaging activities. … Write the word . Updated 2 minutes 27 seconds ago|12/27/2020 3:00:02 AM. Conjectures. JECT means TO THROW . Conjectural. We also have lists of Words that end with root, and words that start with root. Another word for ‘throwing’ something out is ejecting it, such as ejecting a DVD or CD-ROM from a computer. 10 Qs "sect" 1.0k plays . Q. 10 terms. Learning root words is an effective strategy that can magically open up the mind to comprehend multiple words in many other languages besides English. Example sentence: Every time he thought about the mortgage, he wished he had been moribund. Membean is an incredibly effective way to learn words and permanently remember them. For example: The house seemed to project from the. Didn't find the word you're looking for? Let’s have a look at the word chronic that is used to describe something lasting for a long time as in chronic drinker or chronic pain. Standing alone, it has no meaning. The Latin word root ject means ‘throw.’ Many common words are ‘thrown’ about each day which use this root, including eject, reject, object, and projector. Question and answer Which of the following root words means to throw A. Ambi- B. Toss- C. Ject- D. Graph- The root word Ject- means to throw. When a comment has been interjected in a conversation, it has been “thrown between or among” the people talking, thereby interrupting them. You need to enable Javascript to get the best out of this site. Sometimes during a test we have to make a conjecture, or guess that is ‘thrown’ together based on the best available evidence. 10 terms. JECT. answer choices .
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